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 FX3 |   From day 1 this FX3 portfolio is designed to protect and return our clients principle, first of all we have no guarantee that we can do this, but we have installed a strategy that has worked extremely well in some of the most difficult markets we have ever seen.  To be frank the last 5 years have been some of the hardest times in America that we have witnessed and some parts of the world times are even much worse.

To protect our clients principle we do our own research, first focusing on the companies position, the industry the company is in, and then next the position of the company inside that industry.    We are attracted to monopolies with few if any direct competitors, we shy if not run from commodity companies that provide a easy to repeat commodity service and have hundreds if not thousand of direct competitors.  It’s simple if your a betting man and want to insure your horse will come in first or second place, it’s easy.  You just make sure their is only two horses running in the race, you chance of surviving if not winning is far higher.

We like companies with few direct competitors, also known as natural monopolies.  Companies with few competitors often have higher margins, lower level of debt, and we can find bonds often outside the US with much greater yields in institution sizes.  That’s just step one, we also review the balance sheets, cash flow, cash and profitability against their debt levels and payments.   Our entire focus of this research is to help our clients receive their principle back.

Return of Principle is Important and FX1, FX2, and FX3 is similar.

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Founded just prior to attack on  9/11- 2001
We learned with our christening, that their is no substitute for hard work !

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