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FX3 | portfolio has a process of selecting bonds form all over the world.  We work with many of the leading bond firms in the US and Switzerland (We beleive many Swiss banks are better in Global coverage than US based banks) to filter through a wide bond selection process, so that we can provide our managed portfolios a high levels of diversification, allowing for both many small sized positions in a wide variety of contents, countries, geo-political positions,  industries,  and services.

We truly shop the globe with keeping a keen eye on gaining you the best fixed income investment that is researched in a way to place your fixed income investments in essential industries and countries to better preserve your income investment in hard times.  We know it’s a lot more research work, to attain this much higher yield, great diversity focusing on key infrastructure industries, but we ask, why haven’t your advisory done their due diligence to get you the higher yields? Continue reading

Economy – Tough Times |

FX3 |  The portfolio with it’s very short maturity certain durations and  strategic placement of the companies is designed to surpass very tough times.  With the US economy showing real erosion over time, the US politicians doing virtually nothing to solve the real and tough issues in the Untied States, the debt greatly increasing, at some point the bond and stock market will have a major correction.

So with all the problems what do, we move current interest rates not only low, but so artificially low they are close to zero, and ask the federal reserve to pumping money into the system now for well over 5 years.   This type actions only serves to hide or mask the real issues in the short term.   When interest rates start to climb, they could and will expose the many masked issues in our economy.  With that in mind we are designing and building portfolios with the idea that are going to see tough times.  Thus that’s why we have taken so many extra steps in our selection process, making sure the bonds we select have some if not all of the high levels of the following characteristics: cash, good balance sheet, lowed debt loads, and strong strategic advantages companies based on our own research to help protect against a rough future. Continue reading

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FX3 | Fixed  Is A High Yielding, Foreign Currency Short Term, Low Cost Managed Income Portfolio. Designed to earn you both a higher fixed income and return your money back !

Fixed-Income 3 | FX3 is a Foreign-currency investment utilizing separate segregated accounts, if your looking for US dollar only please review:

FX1|  and

If your looking for just some currency exposure please review:

FX2 | options.

Why  :

It’s simple: You worked hard to earn your money,  it’s time your income worked as hard as you did, to support you !

FX3 | Portfolios have the following characteristics:

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