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At FX3 | Fixed-Iincome3.com after meeting with a future client, we realized he was charge a 1.5 % fee, to have his money managed, the advisory/broker put our new client in many income mutual funds, each with about a 1% fee.

Thus our clients fees were over 2.5% before trading and other hidden costs, and these fees exceeded his returns in this low income environment, what was just plainly wrong was the the manager and mutual funds were making good returns, while taking no risks and our future clients was making less money than his fees were charging cause him to loose money and take all the risk.

To make matters worse this was money for the clients future retirement.

Our fees of 0.50% are in this case only 1/5 or 20% of the cost what he was charge, our income generation has greatly surpassed what he was getting, and he claims we give him far superior service.

To summarize: The income form his portfolio is over 3 times higher, his fees/costs dropped 80%, and he is making about 8% net off his retirement account instead of loosing, plus he is getting better service.

Our fees are almost always below most advisory fees, and especially consider we give one to one personal fiduciary services.

The FX3 | Fixed-Income3.com portfolio is designed with low fees to give you a higher return. We are able to keep fees very low with a high degree of service, first we do this by limiting our overhead. We have an large footprint internet business with one central low cost location / a building in-which we own. We disliked the high rent offices, one in every city, knowing you would eventual would have to pay for it. We utilize the internet to provide a higher level of transparency, we’re immediate available on Skype, we charge a very low fee and we know of no firms that could provide such a high degree of specialized income service,  that we provide.

Low 0.50 % Advisory Fees for FX1, FX2, and FX3 are similar.

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Founded just prior to attack on 9/11- 2001
We learned with our christening, that their is no substitute for hard work !

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