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FX3 | has found that the big ratings serves do an OK job knowing they’re getting paid by the company issuing the debt and they evaluate thousands of bonds, this requires the bond rating rating agency to make many categories, rules and procedures,  so many that they often appear servery handicapped by their own excessive rules and also to appease the one how pays them.  It seems that they constantly reward the current elite companies and elite countries, and underweight the often stronger issuer because of there hierarchy or category the rating system applies on them.  At FX2 we simply want strong companies without the politicking and we refuse any hidden fees.

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Knowing how the system works it’s easy to find companies that if they were categorized differently they would often receive much higher rating, and due to this they often have a much higher yields. Our system of combinations of hard balance sheet analysis with stratigraphic industry placement has provide to date an blemished record of retuning our clients principle.

Internal Research, see our Opinions for FX1, FX2 and FX3 are similar.  The bond research listed above in each portfolio pertains only their portfolio’s

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