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FX3 | Fixed Income3.com  Is A High Yielding, Foreign Currency Short Term, Low Cost Managed Income Portfolio. Designed to earn you both a higher fixed income and return your money back !

Fixed-Income 3 | FX3 is a Foreign-currency investment utilizing separate segregated accounts, if your looking for US dollar only please review:

FX1| Fixed-Income1.com  and

If your looking for just some currency exposure please review:

FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com options.

Why Fixed-Income3.com  :

It’s simple: You worked hard to earn your money,  it’s time your income worked as hard as you did, to support you !

FX3 | Portfolios have the following characteristics:

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High 8-8.5% Yields | Fixed-Income3.com

FX3 | Fixed-Income3.com targets a 8-8.5 % yield with our 3+ average maturity that is far better than the current 0.91% that the three year government bonds are currently paying.  That works out to be about an 800% increase of income.

Based on the above treasury yield, if you have a $ 1, 000,000 portfolio in US government bonds for three years your yearly income would be $9,100 dollar.   Or only $758.33 dollars per month, hardly fitting a millionaire life style.

With our midpoint 8.25% yield with a similar maturities, using the same $ 1,000,000 portfolio, your yearly income could be $82,500. Or $ 6,875.00 dollars per month. Thus a higher income yield can greatly increase your standard of living, in this case over 800%.

It’s simple: You worked hard to earn your money,  it’s time your income worked as hard to support you ! Continue reading

Higher Institutional Yields, and Diversified Portfolio’s | Fixed-Income3.com

FX3 | Fixed-Income3.com is able to access the often much higher yielding global institution bonds, maybe because of our outstanding reputation or high internet presence, because we receive many major US and World bond firms contact us wanting our business.   It puts us in the enviable position of picking who we think provides the better value service for our clients.   Thus we are able to shop the globe seeing much higher yielding bonds from a wide variety of counties, industries and services, where most of our bonds we provide to clients they can’t find these on their own.   Thus we shop the world to find our clients better bonds. Continue reading

Targets 100% Foreign Currencies | Fixed-Income3.com

The FX3 | Fixed-Income3.com portfolio targets 100% in foreign currencies, and is designed as a high yielding bond portfolio offering a high level of diversity away from the U.S. dollar.

Keep in mind that foreign currencies can and likely will increase the volatility of the FX3 portfolio, even though the added diversity may serve to reduce your overall investment risks. Many foreign currency bonds have very limited liquidity and the plan for the portfolio is to hold these very short term bonds to maturity. These high yielding, short maturity issues have a very low advisory fee, so our clients can continue to achieve their goals of higher cash flow while limited their exposure to the US Dollar. Continue reading

Short 3.75 Year Average Laddered Maturities | Fixed-Income3.com

FX3 | Fixed-Income3.com portfolio is designed to protect our clients against inflation, with a focus on short maturity certain bonds.

Historically interest rates move in 30 year cycles, thus interest rates have been falling for about 30 years until the 4th quarter 2012,  not only did interest rates decline for about 30 years, we beleive they hit almost zero, a artificially very low level. This artificial low level was caused by the Federal Reserve to keep short term interest rates at about zero while at the same time pumping large amounts of new money into the system to stimulate the US economy.

We have learned though history that this kind of activity, repeated over a long period of time, could and will have negative long term effects, for example this man made effect effect often creates a similar duration and magnitude opposite swing.  Just like a clock pendulum, thus is you move a clock pendulum to the left many degrees and then let go it will come close to the same movement past center to the right before it begins to find a equilibrium, in finance this is called Regression to the means.  So if interest rates are artificiality low with a large pumping of new money for now over 5 years, it is our belief at some point this could cause an opposite effect proving a equally overly high level of interest rates, for about the same five year period.  Either way we believe interest rate over the foreseeable future will be tending up and the best way to deal with this is the keep your maturities very short and certain and your bond coupons high. Continue reading

High Level of Fiduciary Service | Fixed-Income3.com

 At FX3 | Fixed-Income3.com we are a fiduciary service firm and very proud of it !

We put our clients interest first. Our service is excellent, we are honest and hard working blue collar type workers,  that will explain to you the risk and rewards, we beleive that the financial world will be tough, that their will be many economic challenges ahead, we not only beleive it, we are working hard on our plans to better position our clients they could better evade most if not all of these future issues.   We are only paid by our clients and take zero on soft dollars, kickbacks, or trading fees. It is as important for us to structure a company that is fundamentally right for our clients on fees, it is just as import to provide an fiduciary selection and investment model for our clients our clients.

To take to the next step, the companies we own, vendors that services us, and employees we work with are all under a fiduciary model. We work hard to run all aspects of our business in a fiduciary role.
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Low 0.50 % Advisory Fees | Fixed-Income3.com

At FX3 | Fixed-Iincome3.com after meeting with a future client, we realized he was charge a 1.5 % fee, to have his money managed, the advisory/broker put our new client in many income mutual funds, each with about a 1% fee.

Thus our clients fees were over 2.5% before trading and other hidden costs, and these fees exceeded his returns in this low income environment, what was just plainly wrong was the the manager and mutual funds were making good returns, while taking no risks and our future clients was making less money than his fees were charging cause him to loose money and take all the risk.

To make matters worse this was money for the clients future retirement.

Our fees of 0.50% are in this case only 1/5 or 20% of the cost what he was charge, our income generation has greatly surpassed what he was getting, and he claims we give him far superior service.

To summarize: The income form his portfolio is over 3 times higher, his fees/costs dropped 80%, and he is making about 8% net off his retirement account instead of loosing, plus he is getting better service.

Our fees are almost always below most advisory fees, and especially consider we give one to one personal fiduciary services.

The FX3 | Fixed-Income3.com portfolio is designed with low fees to give you a higher return. We are able to keep fees very low with a high degree of service, first we do this by limiting our overhead. We have an large footprint internet business with one central low cost location / a building in-which we own. We disliked the high rent offices, one in every city, knowing you would eventual would have to pay for it. We utilize the internet to provide a higher level of transparency, we’re immediate available on Skype, we charge a very low fee and we know of no firms that could provide such a high degree of specialized income service,  that we provide.

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Return of Principle is Important | Fixed-Income3.com

 FX3 | Fixed-Income3.com   From day 1 this FX3 portfolio is designed to protect and return our clients principle, first of all we have no guarantee that we can do this, but we have installed a strategy that has worked extremely well in some of the most difficult markets we have ever seen.  To be frank the last 5 years have been some of the hardest times in America that we have witnessed and some parts of the world times are even much worse.

To protect our clients principle we do our own research, first focusing on the companies position, the industry the company is in, and then next the position of the company inside that industry.    We are attracted to monopolies with few if any direct competitors, we shy if not run from commodity companies that provide a easy to repeat commodity service and have hundreds if not thousand of direct competitors.  It’s simple if your a betting man and want to insure your horse will come in first or second place, it’s easy.  You just make sure their is only two horses running in the race, you chance of surviving if not winning is far higher.

We like companies with few direct competitors, also known as natural monopolies.  Companies with few competitors often have higher margins, lower level of debt, and we can find bonds often outside the US with much greater yields in institution sizes.  That’s just step one, we also review the balance sheets, cash flow, cash and profitability against their debt levels and payments.   Our entire focus of this research is to help our clients receive their principle back. Continue reading

Internal Research, see our Opinions | Fixed-Income3.com

FX3 | Fixed-Income1.com has found that the big ratings serves do an OK job knowing they’re getting paid by the company issuing the debt and they evaluate thousands of bonds, this requires the bond rating rating agency to make many categories, rules and procedures,  so many that they often appear servery handicapped by their own excessive rules and also to appease the one how pays them.  It seems that they constantly reward the current elite companies and elite countries, and underweight the often stronger issuer because of there hierarchy or category the rating system applies on them.  At FX2 we simply want strong companies without the politicking and we refuse any hidden fees.

See our FX3 corporate bond research here: 

Knowing how the system works it’s easy to find companies that if they were categorized differently they would often receive much higher rating, and due to this they often have a much higher yields. Our system of combinations of hard balance sheet analysis with stratigraphic industry placement has provide to date an blemished record of retuning our clients principle. Continue reading

Cash Flow from Superior Global Bond Placement, not trading | Fixed-Income3.com

FX3 | Fixed-Income3.com portfolio is designed to be a strong cash flow and income generator account for our clients, not a short term trading portfolio.  We use a time tested strategy that originated with Sir John Templeton, focusing our selecting and owning of bonds on key society and infrastructure building block companies, ones that are often required for that country internal services and  industries to service if not flourish.  These key well positioned building block companies often have limited direct competition, making their survival in tough economic times less of a fear, but that alone is not enough, we look for a strong combination of cash, balance sheet strength, and profitable companies.  These stronger profitable balance sheet positions combined with their possible monopolist portioning, we beleive, greatly increase the bond to survive in the roughest of times.

We are proud to buy a 8-9-10% yielding bonds,  for a few short years and plan to receive our money back, not focusing on the short term day to day to day fluctuation but plan on holding to maturity. Continue reading

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